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Bethel Cemetery on 4/19/2018

Bethel Cemetery Historic Kentucky Landmark

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Historic Bethel Church was located at the Intersection of US 27 and KY 17 approximately 3 miles North of the Town of Falmouth, Kentucky. It had been a Community Landmark for over a century until a tragic F1 tornado destroyed in on December 23rd, 2015. The church had been restored to the point it could once again be used for meetings.
Volunteerism is truly rewarding to those who give of themselves.  If you have loved ones buried in our cemetery, please consider spreading the word within your family that they are a member of Bethel Cemetery Association and it's important to stay connected.
Donations are important. If you can help financially, we appreciate it greatly. If you volunteer instead of donating, that's a great gesture as well. Volunteerism is truly rewarding to those who give of themselves. 
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If you can help or wish to donate money to our project, please contact President Jenny Beetz for information on how to make sure your money goes where it's intended or to discuss how you can help.
100% of all donations go directly to the cemetery perpetual fund. There are no administrative costs because we are a 100% volunteer organization.
We need photos! Please. Perhaps you have a cemetery plot in your family records that has long been forgotten. We'd like to see anything you're willing to show us and hope you'll permit us to make copies for our records.