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About Our Project

Charlie Pyles is part owner of his wife's family farm a couple doors North of the cemetery and church.  Early in 2006, he noticed a limb had fallen off this big tree and that nobody was doing anything about it. He decided that he could do for this community what he would be doing in his own family cemetery in Preston County, WV if he were there.

Charlie made some inquires and found that help was welcome. Along with his wife, her sister and husband, they began cleaning up the debris in the cemetery. Charlie met with the cemetery board and found that they had wanted to work on the building but had no funds to do so. After obtaining their permission work started on the outside of the building. While working on the exterior, some assessments came from others regarding the feasibility of a full blown restoration. The consensus was that this is a worthwhile project.

Restoration of this historic landmark is many faceted. Some exterior clean-up has already been accomplished with the interior clean-up on our immediate doorstep. All the ceiling tiles had fallen to the floor and have been cleaned up along with a lot of animal feces. All the pews have now been removed to a dry storage area so temporary floor repairs can be done to prevent further contamination.

On the outside, correcting the foundation is high priority. We have already begun raising the face of the church to its proper level so we can open both doors inward.

Some inquiries have already been submitted as to the availability of historic preservation grant funds. Gifts and legacies are also appreciated. A mailing has been done to local members of the Pendleton County Chamber of Commerce with early success as of April 11th, 2007.